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Dr Eye

Dr Eye is a flexible and easy-to-use annotation platform (GUI) for quick and precise identification and delineation of tumors in medical images.

The design of the platform is clinically driven in order to ensure that the clinician can efficiently and intuitively annotate large number of 3D tomographic datasets.

Both manual and well-known semi-automatic segmentation techniques are available in the platform allowing clinician to annotate multiple regions of interest at the same session. Additionally, it includes contour drawing, refinement and labeling tools that can effectively assist in the delineation of tumors. Furthermore, segmented tumor regions can be annotated, labeled, deleted, added and redefined. The platform has been tested over several MRI datasets to assess usability, extensibility and robustness with promising results.


Dr Eye’s licensing


DrEye_ver4.7.0 :: Click to download

Download Prerequisite .NET Framework 3.5 from here.
Download Dr Eye manual from here.


In this section you can find plugins developed by 3rd party developers. Right now you can visit the website of UniBe, which has developed a plugin suite called “Doctor-No” and which includes 4 tools for skull stripping, isotropic resampling, registration and tissue classification. The plugins & a manual can be downloaded from here.

For Developers

Download the library files and the documentation needed to create plugins for the Dr Eye platform.

DrEye SDK Library Files & Documentation :: Click to download

Download the SDK basic examples in order to create plugins for the Dr Eye platform.

DrEye basic SDK Examples :: Click to download

Download the SDK Compare example in order to create plugins for the Dr Eye platform.

DrEye SDK Compare Example :: Click to download

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